Friday, March 11, 2016

Pick Up Trash

You can make a change in your environment with just one simple act a day! Picking up trash. Slowly but surely without you help everywhere will look like the picture on the left.


We recently decided on a logo from a number of choices that we made. So when you see this, you will know that it is us!

Friday, February 26, 2016


Why does recycling matter so much? Recycling is actually very important. If we didn't recycle every little piece of trash would go to a big landfill. When you recycle, your plastic wrapper can turn into more plastic things like a plastic bag. Though recycling is great, not everything is recyclable. If every one on earth recycled think of how amazing it would be. Not as much trash for the landfills. One way you can find out if something is recyclable or not is to leave a comment or email asking if it is recyclable of not. You can even send us a picture of the item. If you have any questions on recycling email us at Thanks for reading!

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The Vaquita

The vaquita are an endangered small species of porpoises that live in the northern part of the Gulf of California. The little marine mammal wasn't discovered until 1958. Now the species has only been alive for 57 years and it's on the edge of extinction. Why are they endangered? They are losing population because of fishing nets called gill nets. They get caught in them and end up drowning. For more information on vaquitas and how you can help go and read our blog, "Fun Facts on Vaquitas!" which will be posted soon. If you have any questions about the vaquita email us at

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Trashion Fashion Show

Tularcitos 1st annual Trashion Fashion show was last year in 2015. A student from our school was just in a fundraiser Trashion Fashion Show and sent pictures from event to the head of the Ocean Guardian Program and they decided to use the idea for our school. Everyone in 3rd-5th grade were allowed to participate if they wished. Every student who wished to participate made an outfit out of trash. We then paraded around the school campus in our trash outfits.

First Meeting

At Tularcitos Elementary School in our first Ocean /Watershed Guardian Stewards meeting. We mainly discussed idea's for the program such as field trips we could go and ideas on things we could do. That is where this blog idea came from. I am very excited to continue this blog and involve more students in the program to help make video's and posts.